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Children’s Fiction Book of the Month – March

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 “We’re the last ones left,” 

said Tree Man, “so we have 

to be kept secret.” 

Winnie’s discovered the most amazing secret: there’s a dragon in the forest, and he’s the last one left in the world! 

His fabulous friends, the gryphon, the winged lion and the tree-man, are the last of their kind, too. If grown-ups discover them, the creatures will be in danger.

It’s up to Winnie to protect her friends, by keeping them secret

A stunning new picture book filled with magic, friendship, and a gentle environmental message.

ISBN 9781407194493 £6.99 -Ages 2-6  

About the author/illustrator: Melissa Castrillón creates exquisite, fantastical images in a highly unique style. Since gaining a First-Class degree in Illustration from Cambridge School of Art and a Masters degree in Children’s Book Illustration, she has worked on a range of projects from children’s books and fiction jackets to home décor and magazines. She recently won the prestigious American Association of Illustrators Award.

Adult Fiction Book of the Month – March

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Vox meets The Immortalists in this bold and dazzling exploration of fate andfemale agency in a world where women own the future but not their ownbodies.

‘Rapturously written and wildly original, Laura Maylene Walter’s debut novel maps thedreams and nightmares of girlhood’

Emily Schultz

Like every woman, Celeste Morton holds a map of the future in her skin, every mole andfreckle a clue to unlocking what will come to pass. With puberty comes the changelingperiod – when her final marks will appear and her future is decided.

The possibilities are tantalising enough for Celeste’s excitement to outweigh her fear.Changelings are sought after commodities and abduction is rife as men seek to possessthese futures for themselves.

Celeste’s marks have always been closely entwined with her brother, Miles. Her skinholds a future only he, as a gifted interpreter, can read and he has always considered hissister his practice ground. But when Celeste’s marks change she learns a devastatingsecret about her brother’s future that she must keep to herself – and Miles is keeping asecret of his own. When the lies of brother and sister collide, Celeste determines to createa future that is truly her own.

A piercing indictment of rape culture, Body of Stars is an inventive and urgent read aboutwhat happens when women are objectified and stripped of choice-and what happenswhen they fight back.

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