We’re planning a great line up of special offers, give-aways and on-line events to celebrate this years Independent Bookshop Week and here is a taste of what’s coming up!

Summertime reading for Children and Adults

Our Summer Books catalogue is now available to collect from the shop or view online following the link; there is a QR code on the back cover that links to our online shop or you can email us at hello@thebookwarren.com to order for collection from the shop.

Collect our Summer Books catalogue from the shop or view online

Free Sampler while stocks last

FREE SAMPLER of the spectacular and heartbreaking new novel from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All the Light We Cannot See. Publishing on 28th September, Cloud Cuckoo Land follows three storylines: Anna and Omeir, on opposite sides of the formidable city wall during the 1453 siege of Constantinople; teenage idealist Seymour and gentle octogenarian Zeno, in an attack on a public library in present day Idaho; and Konstance, on an interstellar ship bound for a distant exoplanet, decades from now. A single copy of an ancient text – the story of Aethon, who longs to be turned into a bird so that he can fly to the paradise of Cloud Cuckoo Land – provides solace, mystery and the most profound human connection to these five unforgettable characters. Like Marie-Laure and Werner in All the Light We Cannot See, Anna, Omeir, Zeno, Seymour and Konstance are dreamers and outsiders, struggling to survive and finding resourcefulness and hope in the midst of peril. Pre-Order your copy now

Free £5 E-Card from National Book Tokens

Back for another year we will have 100 FREE £5 book token E-Card to give away during Independent Bookshop Week.
Use to download a free £5 voucher to use at our bookshop or online at The Book Warren

Children’s Offer

For our younger customers we are delighted to be offering:


The Mysterious Bird in the Moonlight tells the story of the nightjar, a bird whose soundless flight, large eyes and wide bill have given rise to folklore myths for centuries. Inactive by day, and well camouflaged by its mottled plumage, the nightjar visits UK habitats for only a few weeks in summer before moving on to warmer climates. The book will be available as the nightjars return to the UK from Africa for the breeding season.

The new publication is the first children’s book to be published by the University of Leeds and is one of several pieces of work produced as part of a study of modern British nature writing from the late 18th century to the present day. The book has been created by award winning children’s author and illustrator Steve Smallman, who has written more than 50 children’s books including Poo in the Zoo, Dragon Stew and Hippobottymus.

Principal investigator Professor Graham Huggan, from Leeds’ School of English, said: “Many of nature’s creatures remain mysterious to us, either because they are so small that they are invisible to us, or because they come out at night when most of us are fast asleep. This beautifully written and illustratedbook on one such creature, the nocturnal nightjar, is sure to delight both children and their parents,inspiring them to uncover the multiple mysteries of the natural world.”

Suitable for readers 3+ RRP £6.99 IBW special offer: £6.00 to include a bookmark and for the first five sold and signed bookplates too!

Fiction Books for Dyslexic Adults

Next on our IBW special offers are a series of books published by a fellow independent bookseller Alistair Sims who with the help of a crowdfunded Kickstarter project created a new publishing company to create fiction books for adults who are dyslexic. At Books on the Hill, Clevedon, Somerset, Alistair is the manager and commander-in-chief of the bookshop (though his partner, Chloe and his mother, Joanne, who set up the bookshop with him, may disagree with this description ). Alistair is dyslexic and has a PhD in history and archaelogy.  Alistair could not read until he was 13 and is passionate about helping anyone who has difficulty reading. He is the driving force behind BOTH Press and  has been involved in every step in this project, from finding award winning authors to contribute, the cover design, and the road to publication, including setting up for distribution.

We are delighted to be including the first six titles as part of this IBW event. We’ll be sending out lots more information on these very soon.

More to come……..

We’ll be updating you with some more fantastic offers and events very soon so please remember to check back!